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My Dream and Beyond
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The Book

Somewhere around the end of high school, we are all faced with the question of what we will do with our lives. The next few years will set the stage for who we become and what we will do.
We are all raised to get the best and most education we can. This so as to get a good job, spouse, 30 year mortgage, 2.7 children, two cars in the garage, all surrounded by a white picket fence.
We all know this, but inside, we all have dreams of doing great things. The reality of life tends to keep these thoughts only dreams.

I was no different. However, at eighteen years of age, an odd series of events occured that sent me down the path of the sailors ultimate dream, to sail around the world. I figured I'd be 25 yrs old by the time I'd get back. Then, I could go on to the other things in life expected of us. I had no money, no background, and no experience for this project. However I had the full desire and drive to design, build, find corperate financing, and to set off on my quest to sail around the world in a twelve-foot sailboat; breaking 4 world records. At the time most thought, (loudly), that I was just a stupid kid chasing after pipe dreams.

I'm 50 now, and I look back at those days as the greatest thing I ever did. They were all wrong. The purpose of this book is merely to say, no matter what it is in life you want to do, it can be done.

You only have to want it enough.

William C. Troge


A 'Dream' on the High Seas Fulfilled -- Author Describes Circumnavigation Attempt in a 12-Foot Sailboat

OAKLAND, Ark., Sept. 7, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- At only 18 years old, William C. Troge believed there was more to life than growing up, going to college and starting a family. His love of true adventure stories urged him to take an ambitious and thrilling journey -- sailing around the world in a 12-foot sailboat. He chronicles his trip in his new book, "Dream" (now available through AuthorHouse).

Despite his family's discouragement, Troge was determined to break records. He built his sailboat himself and named it "Dream." It took every cent he had to build it, but before he set sail, he acquired sponsorships to fund his circumnavigation. On Sept. 23, 1978, Troge set off on his voyage on the high seas.

"When you are circumnavigating in a 12-foot sailboat, you do not need to search for adventure, it will find you," Troge writes. It did find "Dream" and sent many potentially fatal ordeals its way. Troge was nearly run down by a large freighter in New York Harbor, and someone tried to murder him in Miami. He encountered storms along the East Coast, Hurricane David, and finally, a shipwreck, which ended the journey. Along with an intense desire to fulfill his goal, a woman named Jody helped Troge press on, even through the most difficult times.

Despite the setbacks, "Dream" had been realized and was taking Troge to lands he had only dreamed of during the previous years. The stunning views from the open seas, uninhabited islands, hidden caves, and fresh caught lobster and fish were just a few of the memorable aspects of his courageous trip. Most importantly, he writes, are the people he met from all walks of life.

Since his trip with "Dream," Troge has spent 15 years sailing a variety of boats on the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, and Caribbean Sea. He has lived in the Ozark Mountains for 10 years in a cabin he built himself that overlooks Bull Shoals Lake. He keeps a 28-foot sailboat, "My Dream," in Florida and "Dream" in New York.




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